Latest CAS technology and our expertise

Imagine having immediate access to the whole of your music library at the touch of a finger from the listening position. With the ever going advance of the digital encoding/decoding technology, today’s computer-based audio (CAS) has evolved into something which allows us to be more intimate with our music collection than ever before, at unprecedented convenience and superb playback quality.

We can offer you advice on the latest CAS knowhow and equipment, from portable file player, NAS, laptop/desktop computer, D/A converters to digital amplifiers, wired or wireless connections, as well as various music file types such as PCM and DSD.
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To spread the word about music enjoyment

Music has been with us in different forms since the beginning of civilization. Someone once described that music is an art which comprises sounds with a view to beauty of form and the expression of thoughts and feelings. To some, music is mostly social entertainment, and to the most demanding music lovers, it is food for the soul.

It's our passion to propagate the very delight of music enjoyment through audio playbacks at home, and at times we would also sponsor live music performances. We have a myriad of audio equipment available at our Home Entertainment Centre to suit a variety of music playbacks, be it classical, pop, folk or jazz.
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Home Theatre

For the avid movie lover, a normal family living room just doesn't provide the kind of experience they crave for; a real home theater setup would just meet the needs. Watching the newest blockbuster with a projector and a projector screen, surround sound speakers, subwoofers, and authentic theater seating can really enhance the movie-watching experience.

We have a team of home theatre design experts who can offer solutions to you with advice on equipping for the latest home theatre technologies, depending on your budget and preference.
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Smart living and custom installation

For those who would prefer having their audio/video entertainment systems blend-in with their home decor, custom installation might just be the perfect solution. The overall design of system layout and installation can be tailored to suit the building structure and decorative needs in such a way that the hardware could be mingled with the interior design or hidden as desired.

The advance in information technology and control electronics has made possible the distribution of music/video through the entire residence in- or out-door via wired or wireless connection, so users can enjoy music/movies at will within their premises. If you would like some advice in this respect, our experienced custom installation team would always be able to offer ideas that could meet your needs.


Two-channel Listening

Vinyl or CD? Well, we have both of the two worlds in our showroom to suit the kind of listening experience you prefer. From the high mass turntable with the very delicate cartridge to the avant-garde CD transport and D/A converter, we have a whole host of Hi-Fi equipment for playback demo, and of course, loudspeakers as well.

Most audiophiles are very particular on playback qualities that are to their likings and so we also have in store various accessories including cables, absorbers, weights for fine-tuning your system and adding fun to two-channel music enjoyment at home.