Burmester - B38 Floorstanding Loudspeaker


The new B38 Loudspeaker is the latest product to emerge from the stable of Burmester’s successful B-series. Closely related both visually and acoustically, the B18, this larger model benefits from both an elegant design and significantly increased capacity. The acoustic principle behind this creates an audio experience more inspiring than ever before.

Scaling up the concept gave rise to a plethora of opportunities – and these have been made full use of. In this loudspeaker, the 3-way principle involves a side-firing woofer. The aim of this is to achieve a slim and elegant design, which can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of living environments, while at the same time wowing listeners with its impulsive and powerful bass reproduction.

The B38 Loudspeaker offers a first outing for an Air Motion Transformer with a folded foil diaphragm in the center of a very strong magnetic field – a component which was developed in cooperation with Burmester. Its outstanding clarity, amazing transparency and speed, along with a superior level of stability are truly out of this world. Due to its greater overall height, this tweeter

deploys its lower horizontal directivity to achieve a realistic stage image in a comparatively wide sweet spot.

The low-midrange driver was developed in cooperation with Burmester and optimized for especially short attack and decay times. Thanks to its acoustic properties, this component achieves a new level of authenticity when it comes to the reproduction of voices and instruments.

The woofer’s large and lively membrane is driven by a high-strength neodymium magnet. This produces a powerful, crisp and precise bass response, right down to the very lowest frequencies, which allows it to deliver stirring and rich bass reproduction at all levels and to really round off the musical experience.

In terms of purist elegance, the design is simply perfect. One example of this is the screwless, integrated front panel, whose appearance accentuates the slim shape of the loudspeaker. This makes it look less technical, or mechanical, and more like an elegant item of furniture. Adorned with high-quality matt lacquer or selected veneers, the aluminum frontage completes the unit’s astounding visual effect.

The Burmester B38 Loudspeaker offers two different options for individual adjustment of the audio

experience, which can help to significantly reduce room influences. Firstly, a two-stage switch on the rear of the housing causes a wide-range bass roll-off of 1-3 dB between 150 Hz and 37 Hz. In addition to this, a cylinder made of porous foam, which is fully or partially inserted into the bass reflex tube, can be used to influence the bass response mechanically and to adapt it to the spatial
situation or personal listening taste.

And of course, the B38 allows two power amplifiers to be connected to each loudspeaker (Bi-Amping). In traditional single-amp operation, the solid, gold-plated connection bridges made of oxygen-free copper almost completely do away with any unwanted contact resistance between the terminals also consisting of exactly the same material.

Optimized by means of the Finite Elements Method (FEM), the housing is equipped with elaborate bracing to ensure precise bass reproduction. The double-layered side wall, featuring a stainless steel ring for additional securing of the chassis, increases the rigidity of the construction even further and serves to support the strength and stability of the housing.

Decoupling everything from the floor saw a return for an adapted version of the precise spring-mass damping system which had already proven itself so successfully in the B18.



  • Side-firing woofer: the bass loudspeaker in the side wall gives the housing a slim, elegant look which can be easily integrated into almost any living environment
  • No visible front panel screws
  • Four ways to adapt the bass response to the room acoustics in question
  • Optional Bi-Amping for connecting two power amplifiers per loudspeaker
  • For the first time: a new Air Motion Transformer with a folded film membrane in the center of a very strong magnetic field
  • Low/midrange driver optimized for very short attack and delay times: outstanding clarity, attention to detail, precision, sharpness and spaciousness of musical reproduction
  • Woofer with a large, lively membrane, driven by an extremely powerful neodymium magnet
  • Extremely stable, vibration-optimized housing with elaborate bracing (FEM-optimised)
  • Double-layered side wall with stainless steel ring for particularly firm securing of the woofer
  • High-quality aluminum frontage
  • Computer-calculated spring-mass damping system for decoupling the loudspeaker from the floor
  • Color variants: Black Matt – White Matt – American Walnut – Mid Grey


Technical Data

 Principle  3-way bass reflex
 Weight  51.5 kg
 Width  210 mm
 Height  1165 mm
 Depth  460 mm
 Rated load capacity DIN EN 60268-5  225 W
 Sensitivity  86 dB
 Nominal impedance  4 Ω
 Frequency range  37 Hz – 33000 Hz (+/- 3dB)
 Tweeter  Air Motion Transformer
 Mid-range  17 cm with fiber-glass membrane
 Woofer  32 cm with paper sandwich membrane
 Transfer frequencies  150 Hz / 2400 Hz
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September 2023

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